New Mining Concept
Mining today, almost 2019, is only possible by accumulating a huge hash power that usually happens in farming rigs in specific countries with low energy costs. That being said, from the beginning of Bitcoin, we always thought of it as a collective effort to create a new payment system based on consensus, so there is still a chance to a different approach, gathering many individuals to use their hashing power (even a telephone can help) to collectively mine a block.
This approach has different steps:
1.- Creating the Job, that is, the hash that needs to be used with consecutive nonces to create the proof of work.
2.- Sending the nonce's range to all individuals who will immediately start to hash in order to meet the target.
3.- When someone finds the right nonce needs to send the message to the network to put it on top as the last valid block and start with the next one.

There are different aspects to consider though, like how to compensate the user who did the job, how to trust the sender of the message, how to compete against those mining rigs that will do the impossible to turn your block into an orphan growing their side of the blockchain faster, and so on.
a) The payment system will be solved by publishing the addresses of those who participate next to the nonce's range.
b) Each individual may open several accounts (each for every terminal he will be using), there will be a list of hash power for each computer, telephone and so on.

Those who have no time to think abut the process will just download an app that basically gets the job from the website and hashes with the nonces in their nonce range. Once they find the right nonce, the app sends the message to the blockchain and all the other user in order to propagate and start working the next block.