2018 - Antonio Bellido - Bellido.org |This is a Bitcoin Node and for educational purposes only, if you want to join the project,
please contact me at abellido [google]| - If you are curious, keep looking: Last Job being done
The program is checking 81 Khashes/second every 7 minutes starting by a random nonce everytime.
Chances to build a valid block are 0.000000001% and this is for educational purposes.

We are trying to develope a collaborative and simple mining solution that will eventually be able to build a valid block in the 10 minutes required. If everyone is able to check 30 Million Hashes in 6 minutes, we should need around 150 Miners just to go through the whole (2 ** 32) possibilities and, still, there may not be a single hash that will meet the actual target.
If instead of 150 miners we gather 1500, that means we can change the date or extranonce ten times in that period. Still far from having a chance but better options. ----------------------------------------------

So far, these are the results in this new server: (6) Zeros (7) Zeros (8) Zeros (9) Zeros (10) Zeros (11) Zeros (12) Zeros (13) Zeros (14) Zeros
This server provides this info in real time:
Current Block Timestamp
Current Block Height
Current Target
Nonce Range
Job to Hash